“To Plant a Tree”

Photo by Angela Mapes Turner

How great it is to plant a tree,
And know that someday it may be
So beautiful, and straight, and tall,
A source of pride to one and all.

How wonderful, on Arbor Day,
To plant a tree and know it may
Soon glorify a barren place
With all its elegance and grace.

A tree too beautiful for words.
A summer home for singing birds.
A tree that God, through nature, made
With widespread boughs for cooling shade.

On multi-colored autumn days
This tree will add, in many ways,
To all the glory we behold,
As leaves of green turn red and gold.

Of all great days throughout the year
Not one, to me, could be more dear
Than Arbor Day when I can see
A group of children…plant a tree.


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