“The Misguided Missile”

We read of the Astronauts
Zooming through space,
But what of the missiles
of death and disgrace.

The misguided missiles,
That flash out of nowhere
Like lightning on wheels.

Misguided by misfits
Out searching for thrills,
They crowd, and they tailgate,
And pass on the hills.

All souped up, and streamlined,
they burn up the roads,
And make decent drivers
Look slower than toads.

These misguided missiles
Bring death every day
And innocent people
With lives…have to pay.

For the careless abandon
Of those who won’t heed
The laws of the highways,
Or any man’s creed.

A misguided missile
To a fool…does belong,
A fool who will die
Just to prove…he is wrong.


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