“The Islands in the Sky”

It was in the Smoky Mountains
On a summer day gone by,
That I found the lost enchantment
Of the islands in the sky.

I stood there, on a summit,
Far away from milling crowds
Where the mountain tops were islands
In a surging sea of clouds.

An ever-shifting sunlit sea,
So wondrous to behold,
Each mountain top a gem of green
Inlaid in billowed gold.

I love the Smoky Mountains
That mingle with the skies,
Where Nature has a stronghold,
A mountain paradise.

Where green wooded slopes reach upward,
High above the rock-walled streams,
As our hopes and aspirations
Often rise above our dreams.

I found awe-inspiring beauty,
That my heart could not deny,
When I spent one dream-filled hour
On an island in the sky.

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