“The Dawn of Spring”

Photo by Angela Mapes Turner

Unto God’s wondrous Nature
A year is but a day.
The summer is the noontime
So warm, and bright, and gay.

The springtime is the dawning,
The time that I love best;
When the drowsy world awakens
From a long, long, night of rest.

The autumn is the sunset
So brilliant to behold;
And winter seems an endless night
So long, and bleak, and cold.

We soon forget how winter
Seemed to hang around too long
When we see the flowers blooming,
And we hear a robin’s song.

That’s when Mother Nature beckons
To a brand new great outdoors
As she spreads the floral carpets
Upon the woodland floors.

When through the budding treetops
The wind blows soft and warm,
And we hear the distant rumble
Of a fast-approaching storm.

When the geese are winging northward,
And the fields are turning green,
And the rushing stream is hidden
By a verdant willow screen.

When the birds are all rejoicing,
And the sky is blue above,
Like the birds … my heart is singing,
For it’s springtime that I love.

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