“The Cave of the Mounds”

In the hills of southern Wisconsin
Where the beauty of nature abounds,
Under a quarry of limestone,
Lies the fabulous Cave of the Mounds.

There, in the silent darkness
Of the passages below,
God created Nature’s treasures
Many millions of years ago.

There, since the dawn of creation,
Nature followed God’s wonderful plan;
Sealed from the outer sunlight,
Unknown to the eyes of man.

The ground-waters, seeping through limestone
For millions, and millions of years;
Have created the stalagmite columns,
And the stalactite chandeliers.

The helictites, coiled like serpents,
Hang from the ceiling so high.
The beautiful translucent Parrot
Seems almost ready to fly.

It’s a colorful cave of enchantment
With it’s great speleothems arrayed
From the pillars of crystallized onyx
To the beautiful flowstone cascade.

There, where the glaciers divided
In the dim and distant past;
God revealed, to the world, his treasures
the day of the quarry blast.

Nature’s toil had wrought marvelous wonders,
God willed that the entrance be found
To the beautiful unspoiled treasures
Of the colorful Cave of the Mounds.

Someday you must visit this cavern,
And through its great passageways trod;
You will learn of the patience of Nature,
And the creative greatness of God.

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