“Our Talent Tree”

I hope that we may some day see
Our lovely Hoosier talent tree
Burst into wondrous bloom once more,
Just as it did…in days of yore.

When from its boughs…great fruit will fall
Good to the taste of one and all.
When all the branches of the Arts
Become the pride of Hoosier hearts.

To bring this glory to our state
We must…our hearts…rededicate.
Who knows…we may rejoice some day
When apathy…is pruned away.

Without the sun…without the rain
No tree, great stature, can attain,
No garnered harvest wealth be shared
Without the toil of those who cared.

With hope…the rain, with faith…the light,
Who knows but that someday we might
See Hoosier talent bloom…so grand,
And glorify…all Hoosierland.

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