“Bixler Lake”

Oh! lovely lake, with sylvan beauty blest,
How tranquil you appear when day is done;
As mem’ries come to put my heart to test,
To bring back all the old years one by one.

Beloved Bixler, as in days of old,
Your scenic splendor thrills when shadows fall,
As twilight gilds the distant trees with gold,
My heart absorbs the beauty of it all.

I hear the shouts of happy girls and boys
Along the shores where I once used to play,
And as my heart reviews those old time joys
Once more in dreams I fish the hours away.

I knew your shadowed shores just like a book,
Your tangled, beaten, pathways lined with weeds;
Your old icehouses, and each shady nook
Where willows leaned o’er lilypads and reeds.

Where I once ran my trapline years ago
When I would sometimes get to school quite late.
When we would face the cold, and drifted snow,
To clear away a place where we could skate.

Down through the years you’ve been so dear to me.
Your beauty, rare, I’ve treasured from the start.
We travel far, but do we truly see
Such beauty as lies nearest to the heart?

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