“Winter Birds”

They gather at our feeder every day,
Those hungry winter birds I dearly love;
The Cardinal, the Chickadee, the Jay,
The common Sparrow and the Mourning Dove.

The Downy pecks upon the apple tree,
The Yellow-shafted Flicker feeds there too.
Oh! what a privilege it is to see
These lovely winter birds of every hue.

They do not migrate with their summer friends,
But stay with us tho’ winter winds may blow.
The food upon which their livelihood depends
Lies hidden underneath the ice and snow.

So always keep your feeder filled with seeds,
Take care of them with tenderness and love,
Then watch a hungry Sparrow as it feeds
And God will surely bless you from above.

I would not turn a beggar from my door
With haughty scorn … or mean and angry words;
And may I never feel that I’m so poor
That I can’t feed the hungry winter birds.

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