“White Magic”

What is White Magic, is it the snow,
Is it the warmth, the inner glow,
That always comes at Christmas time
With caroled song … and echoed chime?

Is it the sparkling tinseled trees,
New Christmas dreams…old memories;
Is it the thoughts of home and friends,
Is it the card a neighbor sends?

Is it the toys, and candy canes,
Is it the frosted window panes;
The holly wreath upon your door,
The gift you gave to someone poor,

The crowded stores, the busy street,
The Christmas songs, the friends you greet?
Is it the haloed candleglow,
Or is it that you truly know,

And treasure, as you would pure gold,
The greatest Christmas story told …
Of Mary’s child … the Christmas gem,
How Christ was born in Bethlehem?

White Magic …you see … is all these things,
The gift that God, at Christmas, brings.
To fill with warmth, and love, and cheer.
The brightest day … of all the year.


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