“These Hills”


Photo by Angela Mapes Turner

I do not own these hills, yet they are mine
To love, to roam, to dream of evermore;
Each hallowed wooded slope, each tree, each vine,
God gave me those to love and to adore.

How wonderful … these hills that gently rise
To meet the blue of Hoosier skies above.
I view with pride … these hills of paradise
Where there is peace, and brotherhood, and love.

How colorful … these hills on Autumn days
When all aflame with crimson, and with gold;
These hills of home … that call to me always,
Nostalgic and inspiring to behold.

Entwined by winding paths my feet have trod
From river banks, from clover fields, and corn.
To me … these hills are wondrous gifts from God,
Given to me the day that I was born.

2 thoughts on ““These Hills””

  1. Art was an awesome gentleman!

  2. Diane Mapes said:

    Love the picture, too!

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