“The Unknown Poet”

Photo by Angela Mapes Turner

God gave him wondrous vision,
A heart with great ideals,
A mind for lovely phrases,
And a style that appeals.

He pictures everything he loves
With great poetic art,
And captures every wayward dream
That strays into his heart.

In books and magazines we find
The gems he gives to us.
They say … the author is unknown,
Or just … anonymous.

Oh! how I’d love to shake his hand,
(This man without a name.)
Does he write just for the joy?
Is he afraid of fame?

Could I but find his secret shrine
Where he has found content,
I’d love and hallow it as mine,
And build to him … a monument.

Then every town would honor him
And claim him as its own,
And he would symbolize each one
Who writes … but is unknown.

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