“The Old Huskin’ Peg”

I was searching through the contents
Of an ancient wooden keg
When I found a long-lost treasure,
My old time huskin’ peg.

Old thoughts welled up within me
As I held it in my hand?
I could see the peg so rusty,
And the moldy leather band.

Up from the keg of nuts and bolts,
And binder twine so damp,
A vision rose before me
Like a genie from a lamp.

I could see the wagon moving
On a morning clear and cold,
When kernels from the bangboard flew
Like tiny bits of gold.

I thought about the cornshocks
In the days of long ago,
When I would husk the corn out
In the softly falling snow.

Old treasures bring back memories
That around our hearts entwine.
I would never think of parting
With that huskin’ peg of mine.

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