“The Last Class”

With humble heart I take my pen in hand
To honor you…for in the days of old
You gave me dreams…and memories so grand,
I honor now…the Crimson and the Gold.

Through sunny, windy, stormy days we went
To study there together…rich and poor.
We carried books and played, our footsteps bent
To find a world of knowledge at your door.

Now comes the time when we must say goodby,
And once again our old school days recall.
With open, honest hearts we now must try
To honor our dear teachers…one and all.

The teachers that we knew in yesteryear
The gifts of hope and wisdom did impart.
Where understanding and ideals so dear,
Once fell upon a comprehending heart.

We soon will see the last class graduate,
As we once did from good old Kay Aitch Ess.
With words sincere…we now congratulate
These boys and girls, and each good word express.

Feel proud that you are members of this class,
Don t feel your school has played a losing game;
For you will find, as years so swiftly pass,
Your hearts will thrill each time you hear her name.

I hope you get together once a year,
And always have a great reunion day.
Keep track of old school chums that are so dear,
An write to them…if they should move away.

You take with you…the newest memories,
And leave a golden heritage behind;
With faith and hope…you face your destinies.
So trust in God,…and may the world be kind.

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