“The Haunted House”

I sneaked up through the shadows
Just as quiet as a mouse,
And I peeked into the windows
Of a big old haunted house.

Seemed like all the ghosts and goblins
Were having…a crazy ball;
They screamed and chased each other
Down the stairs and through the hall.

They somehow chased each other
‘Til they all were out of breath;
Until all the ghosts and goblins
Had scared themselves to death.

(Especially written for my granddaugter,
Laura May Frye)

Granddaughter Laura. Photo courtesy of Michael Mapes


5 thoughts on ““The Haunted House””

  1. Love it! Great photo! By the way, that backyard is my “happy place.” Forget cocktails on a beach. My happy place is the backyard of Gramma and Grampa’s circa 1976.

  2. Laura Nowels said:

    Thanks Angie for posting this one. One of my favorites, I needed a Halloween story for girl scouts. Just asked Grandpa if he could write me one. He went in his bedroom and came out with this one a little while later. He was amazing!!

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