“The Fourth of July”

Do you recall the days of yore,
When you could go to Sellers’ store,
And lots of fireworks would buy
To celebrate the Fourth of July?

The shooting would start at the crack of dawn,
And all day long went on and on.
Oh! the booms, and the bangs, and squeals of delight,
Roman candles and rockets would burst in the night.

It seemed that we could hardly wait
To get right out and celebrate.
A thrill for every boy and man
Was shooting carbide in a can.

We had some fun back in those days,
And we still do…in many ways.
We have clean beaches, sand, and sun,
Good parks for picnics, games, and fun.

A lovely day…a joyous crowd,
And we must say that we are proud
Of those who always work and try
To plan a fun-filled Fourth of July.

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