“The Dunes of Hoosierland”

These are the wondrous dunes of Hoosierland
May God, and man, protect them from all harm.
May we preserve these changing hills of sand
With all their beauty and eternal charm.

This wonderland where great sand ridges rise,
Where hills resemble rainbows in the fall,
This magic land, this scenic paradise,
This outdoor shrine…dear to hearts of all.

Dunes…ermine mantled during winter days,
Dunes…garlanded with dogwoods in the spring;
Where flowers bloom, and every dune displays
The glory that the autumn days will bring.

How great the beauty, and the history,
Of these great dunes…wrought by the winds of time,
How great the drama, and the mystery,
Of ancient dunes…tree-covered and sublime.

These are the dunes that God, through Nature, gave
For us to love. Keep faith with Him and give
Your every effort now that we may save
These dunes that move…these sands that seem to live.

We look to God, and ask Him to bestow
Protection to these changing hills of sand;
For only He, alone, could truly know
The story of the dunes of Hoosierland.

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