“So Long Folks”

Art Mapes receives a Smith-Corona to replace the antique Royal typewriter he used for decades. Photo courtesy Michael Mapes

So long, dear folks, I’m glad you came
To know what I have done;
An’ thanks fer ev’ry kindly word,
I hope you had some fun.

I hope ’at I kin git aroun’
To see you all sumday,
Fer a feller is poor…without a friend
A-waitin’ along the way.

I’m glad ’at we could talk about
The things ’at’s passed and gone,
An’ you could meet my boyhood friend,
Good ole…Sassafras John.

Don’t stay away too long, dear folks,
My work jist ain’t quite done.
With faith in God…an’ fellow man,
I’ll keep on…strugglin’ on.

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