“Peaceful Indiana”

The golden glow of eventide
Spreads softly o’er the countryside
Where friendly Hoosier folks abide
With peace at hand.

From somewhere on the hill above,
The plaintive cooing of a dove
Reminds me now … how much I love
My native land.

‘Tis twilight time when earth and sky
Unite and seem to glorify
The things my heart can only try
To understand.

A time when memories lead the way
O’er boyhood paths of yesterday,
Worn by my bare feet at play
In wonderland.

The moon, at last, in splendor beams
Above the hills, and lakes, and streams;
Oh! what a lovely land of dreams,
Peaceful and grand.

The silent darkness weaves its spell;
And then the distant chapel bell
Rings out at last, and all is well
In Hoosierland.

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