“Our Museum”

We are proud of our museum
On this dedication day,
And we are thankful for old things
That we may now display.

Within the ancient old brick walls
Of this historic shrine
We have a home for history
And our heritage so fine.

It’s the answer to the echoes
Of our Hoosier pioneers.
It will furnish our descendants
With romance of other years.

A museum is important
In so many varied ways,
It houses things folks made and used
Back in the bygone days.

Tools used by our forefathers
During days of toil and strife;
To reap the fields, to split the rails,
To forge our way of life.

This building has a story
That time cannot erase,
And it will still afford us
A home-like meeting place.

Yes, we are proud of our museum,
May its purpose ever last;
And provide a golden future
For the glory of the past.

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