“Old Sam”

Old Sam was such a faithful dog,
And he was lots of fun.
On coon-nights he would carry-on
Each time I grabbed a gun.

He was a silent trailer,
Fast on the track was he,
And he could catch a wise old coon
Before it reached a tree.

In the woods he was a demon,
A swift phantom in the night,
And many times he tagged me home …
All chewed up from a fight.

At home he was so gentle,
And he always minded good.
He’d come to me, … and shake his paw,
And it seemed he understood

That he was treated kindly,
Never knew a kick or slap.
He knew I liked to rub his ears …
His head upon my lap.

Since boyhood days I’ve often thought
If I’d get in a jam,
Would there be some good friend around
As loyal as … old Sam?


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