“Old Characters”

I love those dear old characters
Who seem so down and out,
Those walking remnants of the past
That folks all talk about.

To me they are important,
Like the trees that shade our town,
For they have added something
That has given them renown.

It may have been some incidents
Back in the days of old
And they may leave some classic gems
In stories they have told.

They have made men laugh and chuckle,
An have eased both care and strife,
And folks would surely miss them
For they are the spice of life.

So always treat them kindly,
Don’t ridicule each fault,
Without such men our lives would be
Like gravy…without salt.

The rich, the great, may come and go
All missed when they are gone;
But in the hearts of common men
Old characters…live on.


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