News is a small word…yet for its size,
It covers the oceans, the lands, and the skies;
From great crowded cities…to the most remote place
From the depths of the mines…to the frontiers of space.

N…means the Northland so barren and cold,
E…is the East…to mankind so old.
W…means the West…where democracy dwells,
S…for the South…and the stories it tells.

News keeps us in touch with the fast changing times,
The aims of great men, and the world shaking crimes.
We read of God’s children, their triumphs and deeds,
And how they keep changing their lives and their creeds.

Some news brings us sorrow, and some makes us glad,
And we always read of the good and the bad.
Although we are happy or singing the blues,
As long as there’s people…there will always be news.

We might take a journey to London or Rome,
But we would be yearning for news from back home.
News has a power that never shall cease,
And the prayer of the world…is for great news of peace.

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