“Nature’s Moving Picture”

Photo by Angela Mapes Turner

The sun was like a great red ball that fell
Beyond the woods, and as its brilliant beams
Shot upward from the West…each fleecy cloud
Soon turned to pink and purple…and then to gray.

The twilight passed, and then a million stars
Sparkling like diamonds in the jeweled sky
Cast their reflections on the placid stream.
I heard the far-off tinkling of a bell.
The wailing whistle of a distant train,
Then marveled at the silvered, rising moon.

Then softly, silently, the evening breeze
Stirring the branches of the giant oak
Aroused me from my thoughts…once more I looked
Where once the Western sky was all aflame,
But time had passed and o’er that dazzling scene
Was drawn a brilliant curtain filled with stars
Ending the picture nature had shown for me.


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