Photo by Angela Mapes Turner

My heart is thrilled each time I see
The things that God points out to me.

A sunset, lovely to behold,
That turns the edge of night to gold.

The giant trees that seek the sky,
The shadowed river flowing by.

The solitude of forest aisles,
The birds that sing, the sun that smiles.

The moon and stars that crowd the night,
An awesome wedge of geese in flight.

The sandy beach, the surging wave,
The speleothems of a cave.

The hills of green, the skies of blue,
The flowers of each shape and hue.

The clouds that roam o’er hill and plain,
The blessing of each drop of rain.

The lakes that dwell in pale moonglow,
The magic of each flake of snow.

The waving grain, the roses red,
The apple blossoms overhead.

A mountain peak, a waterfall,
A rainbow arched above it all.

These are the things God made for man
According to His master plan.

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