“My Wilderness”

Pokagon State Park. Photo by Angela Mapes Turner

A man can find his wilderness
Somewhere in Nature’s realm,
A spot his heart can cling to…
As the vine clings to the Elm.

Oh! to lose myself in my wilderness
On a clear October day.
Where the wind blows free, and untainted,
And God has his work on display.

Where the multi-colored shadows
Creep out o’er an ambered stream;
And golden spires of tamaracks
Lends beauty to each dream.

Where the copper-colored Beech leaves.
Softly blend with red and gold;
And the purple of the swampland
Is so wondrous to behold.

Where my heart can absorb the beauty
Of the cataract that spills,
And the glory of brown-clad Oak trees
Climbing the far distant hills.

Oh! the multi-colored woodlands
Always sets my heart aflame,
And I dread to think how winter…
My wilderness will tame.

For it was there…in my wilderness,
That I looked to God above,
Alnd realized the many things
That He wants me…to love.

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