Photo by Angela Mapes Turner

Southward from the blue Ohio
Spreads a verdant wonderland,
Spreads the great state of Kentucky,
Oh! so peaceful and so grand.

Oh! colorful Kentucky,
How wonderful your hills,
So grand and soul-inspiring
Where your scenic beauty thrills.

Where the laurel and the dogwoods,
Paint the hills in early spring,
Where the rhododendron blossoms,
And the birds and rivers sing.

Where great cities rise in splendor
Under blue star-spangled skies;
And the hills, and streams, and valleys
Form a wondrous paradise.

Where, from lowly backwoods cabins,
Your great sons arose to fame;
Born to help to forge our nation,
Bringing honor to our name.

I love your Bluegrass region
Reaching out to folded hills,
Where in dreamy hidden hollows
One can hear the whippoorwills.

Time and progress marches onward,
Nature’s work to rearrange;
But the beauty of Kentucky
Will never, never change.

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