“Johnny Yankee”

You can see him proudly marching
In the Veteran’s Day parade.
You can think of him in battle
With his rifle and grenade.

He’s the boy around the corner.
He’s the son you miss tonight.
He valiantly fights for you
In the battle for the right.

In a plane … on on a carrier,
Or in a far-off Vietnam.
Yes in every branch of Service
He’s the pride of Uncle Sam.

Combat weary … in a fox hole.
A fighting man … yet in his teens.
He can never take for granted
All that freedom really means.

While some march and burn their draft cards,
Stirring up the angry throng,
Johnny seeks the hidden tunnels
Of the rat-like Viet Cong.

I get sick of these protestors,
All the marchers … and the rest.
Our land may not be … “perfect,”
But it surely is the best.

We must back up “Johnny Yankee.”
Show him that we really care.
He will fight for peace with honor
Till it’s over … over there.

May all eyes seek out Old Glory
As she waves … so free … and grand.
May we pledge renewed allegiance
To our boys … and to our land.

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