“If the World Could Be Like Indiana”

I gazed out through my window
At the fields and hills so grand,
And my heart and mind responded
To the love of native land.

When I glanced down at my paper
Where in headlines I could see
The troubles of a weary world,
And these thoughts occurred to me.

If the world could be like Indiana
All the talk of war would cease,
Folks would leave the haunts of hatred
Free to roam the paths of peace.

There would be no bombs, nor rockets,
There would be no greed nor lust
If each man would love his neighbor
And in God would put his trust.

There would be no bitter turmoil
Caused by color, faith, or creed.
If folks understood each other
And the word of God would heed.

If all streams were like the Wabash,
With it’s Hoosier skies above,
Folks would never flee their homeland
Leaving all the things they love.

For a Hoosier loves his homeland
With its meadows, lakes, and hills
That combine to form the glory
Of a peace that ever thrills.

There would be no source of sorrow,
Nor a cause for care or strife,
If the world knew the advantage
Of the Hoosier way of life.


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