“Ideals in Blossom”

Photo by Angela Mapes Turner

How proud we are…to now commemorate
The thirty-five short years of fleeting time.
How privileged…to now redidicate
Ourselves to goals…still great…and so sublime.

As we look back through gardens of the past
We think of those who proudly loved them all.
They left us memories…that ever last,
Sweet memories…still blooming on time’s wall.

We think of Ora Martin and Don White,
Good men…of noble purpose…and good deeds;
Like Arnold Koeneman, and I could write
Of many others who have served our needs.

We look ahead…where future gardens grow,
And see our ideals blossom, Oh! so grand,
We trust that all our fellow men shall know,
And realize…the beauty of our land.

(Written for the Men’s Garden Club of America)

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