“Ice Fishin'”

Hoosier Woods. Photo by Angela Mapes Turner

Now some fellows care
For their old armchair,
Or the glare of the city so bright;
But just let me go
O’er the ice and the snow
Ice fishin’ … by lantern light.

Dressed in warm thermal duds,
Armed with augers and spuds,
The fisherman bravely goes forth;
Prepared to outlast
The worst frigid blast
That sweeps from the frozen North.

You fish with your friends,
Knowing your luck depends
On the likely spot you have chosen;
So, with hope in your soul,
You spud a new hole,
And you swear … to the bottom … it’s frozen.

You wait … and you wait,
But, they won’t take your bait,
Neither mousie nor helgramite;
Then you sit … and you sit,
Till you’re fixin’ to quit…
Just when they are startin’ to bite.

When the Winter wind blows,
And you watch as it snows,
Don’t sit by your window just wishin’;
But take my advice
And get out on the ice,
You will love the great sport of ice fishin’.

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