“He Moved the World”

Ed. note: Read more about this poem, entered into the Congressional Record.

John F. Kennedy and children (Photo by Cecil Stoughton; public domain via JFK Library)

(A tribute to President John F. Kennedy)

A constant flame, a gleam of light,
A flame eternal burns tonight;
A flame that flickers … yet reveals
The glory of his great ideals.

His heart gave love, his words gave hope,
He furnished light for those who grope
In darkness yet … that they may find
A lasting peace for all mankind.

He moved the world with strength of truth,
He loved the aged and the youth.
He showed concern for those in need
Regardless of their race or creed.

With courage and sincerity
He struggled for equality,
From those who would his dreams reject
Came admiration and respect.

He smiled through sorrow, laughed at gloom,
And visioned yet … a world in bloom
When greed, and hate, and hunger ends,
When men would live as God intends.

If every man would hoe his row
The weeds of hate would never grow;
The world would be a garden, grand,
And peace would bloom in every land.

2 thoughts on ““He Moved the World””

  1. Janet Thrams. ( his niece) said:

    Uncle Art was such a quiet man and to think that he came up with these amazing words that he put to paper is just astounding !!

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