“Happy Holidays”

What would the winter season be
Without the tinseled Christmas tree …
Without the … “Happy Holidays,”
That we enjoy in many ways?

The winter would seem long … and drear
Without the magic Christmas cheer.
When happy hearts are all aglow
And candles gleam through falling snow.

This is the time when girls and boys
Dream vivid dreams … of bright new toys.
When, in our town, great plans are made,
And folks await the big parade.

They brave the cold and snow … or sleet,
And gather all along the street.
To see the floats … and marching bands,
The happy smiles .. the waving hands.

What season could be more sublime,
Or happier … than Christmas time?
When Christmas music fills the air,
And stores are crowded everywhere.

Our hearts respond…when snowflakes fall.
Knowing the meaning of it all.
As we enjoy … in many ways
The joyful … “Happy Holidays.”

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