“God Bless Our Church”

God bless our Church and Sunday School,
And those who gather there;
Who bring their hearts to Thee, dear Lord
In fellowship, and prayer.

God bless the elders of our church,
Help them in every way.
Give them the strength to work for Thee
Through every passing day.

God bless the children of our church,
Shield them from every wrong;
Help them to follow in Thy steps,
And keep them well and strong.

God bless the sick ones of our church,
Ease every care and pain;
Give them the health and strength, we pray,
To come to church again.

God bless the pastor of our church,
Help him to preach Thy word;
Help him to tell of Thee, dear Lord,
Until each heart is stirred.

With hearts uplifted now, dear Lord,
We bring these thoughts to Thee;
God bless each Church, and Sunday School,
Wherever it may be.

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