Each time I see a rainbow in the sky,
Or hear the sound of thunder overhead,
I think of those who yet would vainly try
To make our hearts believe that God is dead.

The foolish ones who ridicule our land,
Promoting their false doctrines and false creeds,
The faithless ones … who fail to understand
That faith in God is what our nation needs.

They say that God has left them to their plight,
Enshrouding all their prophecies with gloom;
Yet, God still gives each distant star its light,
And sends the rain, and makes the flowers bloom.

We must stand firm in all that we believe,
Yet strengthened by the right of our ideals;
Opposed to schemes which evil minds conceive,
Inspired by what the light of hope reveals.

Our hearts respond when lovely birds rejoice,
We realize the joy that Nature gives.
The world awakens to the Master’s voice,
And through our faith … we know that God still lives.


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