“Conner Prairie”

At Conner Prairie people came to see
The way a Hoosier village used to be,
Where footsteps take you back through changing years
To clustered cabins of the pioneers.

The old log schoolhouse with its puncheon floor,
The latch-string hanging from a cabin door;
Such things as this … can take one back through time
To learn how simple things became sublime.

The trading-post where Indians came to call,
Where bear and wolf … and deer-skins line the wall;
The old long rifle and the bullet mold,
Once used by dead-eyed pioneers of old.

The Conner Mansion was a joy to me,
Where from an upstairs window I could see
The prairie…spread with rows of tasseled corn,
Kissed by the sun … and the dew of early morn.

I saw the trundle bed, and hand-made chairs,
The fire bucket hanging near the stairs;
The table with the dishes neatly spread,
The girl out in the kitchen baking bread.

This is a place where people came to see
The way a Hoosier village used to be;
A magic place where one goes back through time
And learn of simple things that were sublime.

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