Christmas is so many lovely things,
Like silver bells … and stockings in a row;
The carols … that a children’s choir sings,
The candles gleaming through the falling snow.

Christmas is the main street of our town,
The color guards, the floats, the marching bands;
The crowds that gather … tho’ the snow comes down,
The shouts of glee … the many waving hands.

Christmas is the stores … the busy street,
The decorations hanging here and there;
The smiles and handshakes from the friends we meet,
The Christmas music ringing in the air.

Christmas is the sparkling tinseled tree
When Santa Claus brings bright new Christmas toys.
A time for dreams … and old time memories,
A time of happiness for girls and boys.

Christmas makes the Winter seem sublime,
And blends its cheer with cold and dreary days.
Our hearts respond to every song and chime,
And we love Christmas in so many ways.

Christmas is when heartaches seem to cease,
Both here at home …and in the lands afar;
As men on earth still seek good will and peace,
Still guided … by the glory … of a star.

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