“Christmas Memories”

When I see the snowflakes falling,
Turning white … the fields and trees,
How my heart aches when recalling
Old time Christmas memories.

Though humble the beginning
Where these memories had their start,
Each year they grow more treasured
And endearing to my heart.

They take me back to childhood,
To the days that lie beyond,
When the snow was on the hillside
And the ice was on the pond.

It seems I see the homeplace
With the snowman in the yard,
A scene like you might see engraved
Upon a Christmas card.

The fireside … warm and cheery,
Stockings hanging in a row,
When the frost was on the windows
And the trees were draped with snow.

When the merry chimes of Christmas
Echoed softly through the night,
When memories were woven
With snow and candlelight.

Times were hard, yet every Christmas
My heart would jump with joy
Just to find within my stocking
Some candy and a toy.

Soon the season will be over,
With its tinseled Christmas trees,
Then my heart will add another
To my Christmas memories.

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