I wish you all the joy and happiness
That brings contentment to retirement days;
And, as a friend, may I this hope express
That God will bless you in so many ways.

May you look back with pride on work well done.
You gave our town the best that you could give.
You are a man admired by everyone.
You made our town…a better place to live.

You showed an interest in our growing youth.
You gained good friends, and never let them down,
You stood for law, and honesty, and truth,
As you became an asset to our town.

These words I write are simple words…but true,
So as I bring this short verse to its end;
I hope that God is always near to you,
And may you always count me as a friend.

(In honor of retired Kendallville Police Chief,
Bernard “Benny” Wilondek)

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