“As We Grow Old”

As we grow old we think of many things
That we have known, and loved along life’s way.
We treasure every memory that brings
A vivid picture of a bygone day.

We still recall great moments we have known,
And thank God for blessings that He sends.
Time cannot dim the dreams that are our own,
Nor change the value of our dearest friends.

Don’t be depressed by idleness and gloom,
Don’t give up every hope, by lack of zest.
Your tree of talent willl burst into bloom
If you just do the things you like the best.

If you can write a poem or sketch a tree,
Or sing the songs that other folks enjoy;
Your senior years will more rewarding be,
You’ll feel happy as a barefoot boy.

We cannot trade the silver in our hair
For all the long lost vigor of our youth,
But we need never worry nor despair
If only we remember this great truth.

The hand of God yet reaches from above
To comfort us and offer hope sublime;
So trust in Him and glory in his love
And learn to live . . . just one day at a time.


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