“A Poet’s Prayer”

Lord, give me words to glorify
The beauty of the earth and sky,
Words of balm that soothe and heal,
Words that picture each ideal,
Words of meadows, hills, and streams,
Words that tell of hopes and dreams.

Lord, may each written word of mine
Exalt all causes … pure and fine,
And may I never need to grope
For words expressing faith and hope.
Lord! may I cause no tears to fall,
But bring the light of smiles to all.

Lord! let me spend life’s twilight hours
Close to the hills, the woods, the flowers,
Near river shores, the rushing brooks,
Where I have learned from Nature’s books;
Where I can hear the birds and bees,
And know the majesty of the trees.

Lord! give me words of praise today
For friends I’ve gained along life’s way;
Who stood by me when hope seemed gone,
Placed faith in me, and beckoned on.
May I bring joy to everyone,
And through each poem … Thy will be done.

Mackinac Island, Michigan. Photo by Angela Mapes Turner


2 thoughts on ““A Poet’s Prayer””

  1. Diane Mapes said:

    Your Grandpa Art would be sooo proud of these posts!

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